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                             Wuhan Huitong Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production of pure water equipment, ultra pure water equipment, GMP purification equipment, water environmental protection high-tech enterprises.

                             Scope of business involving industrial water, industrial water purification, pharmaceutical purified water, drinking water equipment manufacturing and engineering. In addition to selling all types of water treatment equipment, the company also has a number of various large-scale water treatment project design, installation and commissioning of the engineering and technical personnel, according to different industry customers requirements do solutions and to carry out the project. Is the advanced technology, the production of pure water equipment products, one of the largest enterprises. The company's production of pure water equipment series products: pharmaceutical factory, hospital for production of large infusion with a full set of pure water system; special high pure water equipmen t, biochemical analysis and laboratory; the electronics industry with ultra pure water system; chemical, high pure water system in power plant; boiler water softening system; food and beverage industry with pure water, mountain spring water, mineral water system and automatic filling line; quality of life sub district water supply system; and to undertake clean stainless steel pipeline project.

                              My company to introduce and promotion of domestic and foreign advanced water treatment technology has been appointed, has always been adhering to the "100 percent customer satisfaction is Huitong [source] forever pursuit; to create high-quality products, watertight, the move to zero defect is Huitong [source] ultimate goal!" The quality policy, in the development and promotion of ultra pure water equipment, RO RO pure water equipment, EDI ultra pure water system and pharmaceutical purified water equipment water treatment equipment field step-by-step solid service to win the praise of many customers! The company spirit of "high quality, credibility, high efficiency," the principle of good faith and hope to carry out extensive cooperation with all walks of life to create a better tomo rrow! 

                             My company in Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Guizhou, Jilin, with offices, to facilitate the broad masses of customer communication and convenient after-sales service.!