我 們 的 優 勢Advantage of corporation


                            匯通源成立于2006年,歷經十年,我們一路向著專業,創新,研發奮力前行, 積累了豐富的醫藥行業工程實踐經驗,鍛造出專業的技術團隊。嚴格遵循中,美,歐《藥品質量管理規范》,并落實在設計、制造、工程安裝實施、驗證、運行過程中。結合經驗自主研發專業水處理技術,并引進吸取國際先進技術,一直致力于醫藥行業水處理解決方案,為眾多國內外生物醫藥企業提供服務,支持系統的GMP,USP,EP認證,并獲得了ISO9001與歐盟CE認證。我們期待你的選擇,攜手前行。


                            Huitongyuan was established in 2006, after ten years, us toward the professional, innovation, research and development of struggling forward, has accumulated a wealth of pharmaceutical industry engineering practice experience, forging a professional technical team. Strictly abide by, the United States, Europe "drug quality management norms", and implement in the design, manufacturing, engineering, installation, implementation, verification, operation process. Combined with experience independent research and development of professional water treatment technology, and the introduction of absorbing international advanced technology, has been working in the pharmaceutical industry water treatment solutions, to provide services for numerous domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, support system of GMP, USP, EP certification, and access to the ISO9001 and CE certification. We look forward to your choice, go hand in hand.

                           技 術 特 點Technical characteristics




                                purified water system

                            We of purified water system design module of conceptual design for the concept of the purified water system with independent, modular operation simple characteristics, to ensure the continuity of the equipment operation, stability, reliability, and according to customer quality report and saurs, make more than two kinds of design scheme for customers to choose. Including configuration pretreatment, desalination system, distribution system, disinfection and so on. At the same time, we also for customers to provide a complete set of verification system including pre design confirmation, plant fat test, post installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification and perfect after-sale.



                                Multi effect distilled water machine

                                Distillation is by gas-liquid phase separation method and process for purification of chemical and microbiological of raw water In this process was evaporated, the steam generated from the water out of the flow into the back of the evaporated water to dissolve the solid, non volatile substances and polymer impurities. In the distillation process, the low molecular impurities may be entrained in after evaporation of water vapor in form of mist or droplets is carried, so it is necessary to through a separation unit to remove the to and fro in addition to fine water mist and entrained impurities, which consist of endotoxin. Purified steam is condensed into water for injection, and can be reduced by at least 99.99% of the content of the toxin by the distillation method.




                                Pure steam generator

                                Pure steam generator is usually with purified water as raw water, the pure steam generator or multi effect distilled water machine the first effect evaporator prepared by steam and condensation of the pure steam, to meet the requirements of the injection water, deionized water and purified water can be as pure steam generator feed water by evaporation. Separation (removal of particles and bacterial endotoxin, etc.), after a certain pressure to the use of. Perfect after sales processing.



                          我們的服務Our service

                          項 目 周 期project cycle


                          硬 件 設 備 保 障Hardware devices




                           Fine Management

                           Every minute detail deserves our close attention, and every little action is important.



                           Lean production

                           Huitongyuan lean production management system by the cost quota control system, operation time quota, craft menu system, 7S on-site operations management system, to the quality of survival, to management for efficiency.

                          質 量 保 障Quality assurance



                           To provide efficient and reliable testing and quality control for each product


                           Ensure that each process meets the user's requirements.


                           In order to satisfy the customer, we are doing our best.