一 概 述




                            Chemical industry is a new field of today's chemical industry, involving a wide range of areas, chemical products including the roughly 11 categories: pesticides, dyes, paints, pigments, kit high pure information with chemicals, food and feed additives, adhesives, catalyst and various additives, industry and trade system in the production of chemicals (API) and daily chemicals, polymers, including functional film and polarizing materials, along with the economic development, industry development and relates to the field will continue to develop, ultra pure water is essential for chemical industry production water a.

                          二 解 決 方 案The solution


                             1 工 藝 流 程











                             1 technological process


                              Ion exchange process:

                                 Raw water, raw water booster pump and pretreatment system, precision filter, Yang resin filter bed, anion exchange resin filter bed, anion and cation resin in the mixed bed, porous filters, water points。


                             Reverse osmosis process:

                                 Raw water, raw water booster pump, pretreatment system, precision filter, reverse osmosis system, purified water tank, water pump, micro hole filter, water point。


                             EDI+ reverse osmosis:

                                 Raw water, raw water booster pump, pre processing system, precision filter, dual stage reverse osmosis system, middle water pump, EDI system, polishing mixed bed, porous filters, water。


                           2 設 備 特 點

                            (1)采用PLC+觸摸屏自動控制方式,穩定可靠、精致美觀、一鍵式啟動、操作簡單方便。 。










                           2 Equipment characteristics

                            (1)PLC+ touch screen automatic control method, stable and reliable, delicate and beautiful, one button start, easy to operate。

                            (2)Humanized 3D design, in accordance with human engineering; touch screen, switch, instrument, instrument set up a high position, in accordance with the average height of the Chinese people to facilitate the manual operation。

                            (3)The various components of the action such as: water pump, valve, water level, a dynamic monitoring screen (there is a need to upgrade the remote monitoring)。

                            (4)Set management authority, respectively: the administrator, engineers, operators of the three levels of management。

                            (5)Manual, automatic mode conversion is convenient, with special remind function, to prevent non operator error operation。

                            (6)Humanized alarm record and prompting function; when filter replacement cycle, full of water, water shortage, low pressure and overpressure in the touch screen event record column will record when meet water quality, pressure, flow appear abnormal alarm。

                            (7)Water quality rectification function, there is a minimum use of water quality warning function, there will not be a state of emergency。

                            (8)The water supply system and the water supply system are separately controlled, and the water supply and the water supply system can not be stopped。


                            (9)RO water production, washing time can be set, when the peak of water, can regulate the production of water, the use of water stable water。