一 概 述




                            in the food and beverage industry, water is usually used to pre process water or pure water, and the electrical conductivity is usually below 10us/cm. With the aggravation of global pollution and people's pursuit of health, the food and beverage industry has put forward more stringent requirements. Ordinary municipal tap water or underground deep well water has been difficult to meet the needs of people. Now, the management of food and beverage industry has gradually formed a comprehensive control system, such as the establishment of the enterprise, the production process, the finished product inspection and so on. Now many food and beverage industry to implement the food hygiene and safety license system (QS certification), the provisions of the process water and finished water are required to use the purified water, usually pure water。

                          二 解 決 方 案The solution


                             1.工 藝 流 程



                           2.設 備 特 點








                           2.Equipment characteristics

                            (1)Equipment has a strong effect of suction recovery, can effectively prevent the water, water hammer phenomenon。

                            (2)Adopt imported high temperature and high pressure multi stage water pump, can resist cavitation special structure design。

                            (3)Liquid level can be automatically controlled, the system can automatically recharge, no artificial on duty, save manpower, and can significantly reduce the impact of water when the water supply。

                            (4)Adopt electric / pneumatic three way control valve, which can enable the equipment to open and stable, and the hydraulic shock pressure is small。

                            (5)The whole machine is composed of compact design, compact structure, and the main parts are made of imported advanced components. The reverse osmosis membrane is adopted to make the high desalination rate, stable operation and low energy consumption。

                            (6)Equipped with UV disinfection and terminal membrane filter, the maximum degree of water point to ensure water quality。