Product characteristics

                            ◆Adopt the international most advanced reverse osmosis separation technology, the water is superior, the energy consumption is little, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient。

                            ◆Equipped with advanced control instrument, running smoothly and safely。

                            ◆Small size, light weight, covers an area of province, easy to install, adaptable, can be in the narrow cabin, deck, boat, and other narrow space, such as the installation。

                            ◆Wide range of power supply(AC220/380V,50Hz)。

                            ◆Product configuration high pressure piston pump, quality stability, the output of fresh water in line with national standards for drinking water quality。

                            ◆Pretreatment device using multi way valve technology, manual cleaning, flexible and convenient。

                            ◆Selection of advanced cost-effective products and equipment, save investment, reduce the area, as far as possible to save energy consumption。


                            ◆The modular design of drinking water device, according to the investment, population, location selection combination。

                            ◆Improve the level of automation, reduce the daily maintenance and repair work, improve the conditions of manual operation。

                            ◆Seawater treatment has high desalination rate, energy recovery device to save energy. Reduce the cost of use。