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                      Xinjiang polycrystalline energy polycrystalline silicon ultra pure water system

                      Time:2017-04-15 20:28:59

                        In 2013, our company has been working with Xinjiang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to provide a set of polycrystalline silicon ultra pure water system. The system has been highly valued by the leader of Xinjiang co crystal energy technology Co., ltd.. This is a product of Huitong source identification is the identity of our work too。


                             Xinjiang synthetic crystal energy technology Co., Ltd. is by Ningbo Hesheng investment holdings to create, in December 2011 established in Xinjiang Shihezi Development Zone western Xinjiang Hesheng silicon materials recycling economy industrial park, a phase of the project investment of 18 billion yuan, the new annual output of 5000 tons of solar grade polycrystalline silicon。



                             Xinjiang, west of the silicon material recycling economy industrial park, by the Zhejiang group in December 2009 in Shihezi Xinjiang Development Zone Chemical Industry Park Investment and construction of new materials. Park plans a total investment of 5 yuan in 36 billion years, the construction of an annual output of 50 thousand tons of polysilicon project, 200 thousand tons of industrial silicon project, 400 thousand tons of organic silicon project and other projects. Projects are all completed and put into production, is expected to achieve a total industrial output value of 400 million yuan, 120 million yuan of industrial added value, the realization of tax of 20 billion yuan, to absorb the employment of 1.6 million people, will become Asia's largest organic silicon production plant, optimization of the world combined cycle using polysilicon production plant, will be developed and become the first in Asia and the world first-class silicon material recycling economy industrial park。