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                      Water and water for injection system of Guangdong Qingyunshan pharmaceutical

                      Time:2017-04-15 20:29:41

                      Qingyunshan Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., whose predecessor is Wengyuan County, Guangdong Province, Qingyun Mountain pharmaceutical factory, company is located in beautiful environment, fresh air in the north of Guangdong Wengyuan County, covers an area of 58000 square meters, is set of drug production, research and development of new drugs in one of the modern pharmaceutical companies, with traditional Chinese medicine extraction, granule, capsule and tablet production line。


                             Enterprises since 1989 founded so far over the past 20 years, running well, has become a local outstanding enterprises, large taxpayer, and into one of the pillar industries in the development of county economy, the municipal agricultural leading enterprises, from 2004 to 2008, identified as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, 2004 "Qingyun Mountain" trademark was rated as the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, to 2009 was awarded by the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce for sixteen years "Guangdong Province Shou contract re credit enterprises". Existing independent drug development second (Shiwei Xihuangcao granules, and stomach pain capsule, two products are national patent products, Shiwei Xihuangcao granules for insurance varieties of Guangdong Province), health food five (shuning granule, pharynx Shu, Ya Shu particles, Ya Shu Capsule, Xi Ling granules), imitation existing drug standard five (ventilating lung particles, compound granule for hepatitis, pediatric clear solution particles, Tong Mai Granule, xiaoyantuire granule. Xuan Li lung particles for the national basic drug), the formation of multiple varieties and multiple forms of prepared Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine health care goods production enterprises。