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                      Water system equipment Osama Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. purification

                      Time:2017-04-15 20:35:23

                        Shenzhen Osama Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a for the domestic and foreign markets, integration of industry, education and research in innovative drug and biomarker research, development and commercialization of enterprise. Osama pharmaceutical R & D strategy is mainly in view of the serious health effects of chronic and complex disease, to pharmacogenomic studies as the forerunner, for disease occurrence, development and treatment of the molecular biology mechanism of in-depth study, design and develop a more safe and effective therapy and related diagnostic products to obtain more market potential and social benefits。


                             Osama pharmaceutical is located in Guangdong Province Shenzhen Nanshan District Science and Technology Parks countries high-tech industrial belt, solid preparation, in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical equipment and other owner in accord with the national GMP standard production workshop. And bear the national development and Reform Commission "Shenzhen national biological industry base experimental drug compound innovation center", now has built facilities, improve the function of the pharmacological research center, pharmaceutical research center, molecular biology laboratory. Ossa medicine has been listed in the class I drugs a and medical devices (including in vitro diagnostic reagents) products 3, in product innovation research more than 20 items. Which class I drugs "leaf" is our country over the past 6 years approved the listing of the cardiovascular system only national class I (chemical) new drug; "according to the leaf of R & D results respectively in 2008 and 2010 are listed in Europe and the United States stroke prevention and treatment guidelines as important evidence; 2009 into national health insurance directory (b); 2010 was included in the national major special major strategic new varieties (country, a total of five, Guangdong Province only a). "According to ye," also with OSA independent development of MTHFR gene diagnosis reagent kit form the world's first application in individualized treatment products of common cardiovascular disease (CVD) to more effective, more economical prevention of stroke. Osama pharmaceutical completed or been in charge of national creation of major new drugs, 863, 973, National Natural Science Fund, provincial and ministerial level projects 20 remainder, and funded by the NIH to 10 the number of international cooperation projects. Ossa team so far has been in the international professional journal published more than 300 SCI papers, impact factor more than 1000 points; 178 patents, which authorized patent,。


                             Osama pharmaceutical chief scientist Professor Xu Xiping has served as president of the Harvard School of public health, assistant professor, Faculty of medicine, associate professor, group genetic research room director, director of the irinotecan Iraq Norwich University School of public health, a professor of population genetic center. Ossa medicine is currently the chairman, Beijing University, Southern Medical University, Shenzhen University, Anhui Medical University Distinguished Professor, Guangdong Province collar army personnel, Guangdong Province, the first batch of Guangdong Bai Jie talent, Shenzhen peacock plan talent, "one thousand people plan" (Entrepreneurship) first inductees。