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                      Fresh wound biological purification water system

                      Time:2017-04-15 20:27:05

                      This year, our company provides a set of fresh water purification system, the cooperation in line with the fresh water system to the strict requirements of the water purification system, through the GMP certification. Huitongyuan environmental protection with the attitude of excellence, quality excellent equipment conquered a and a well-known enterprises, in the purified water in the field to create a new world, huitongyuan environmental protection also look forward to more people of insight to discuss cooperation。


                             Jin Chong biological research center is located in Shenzhen, china. Process of pay special attention to abandon the traditional process in high energy consuming part, instead of the low energy consumption, high activity of technology, which need to constantly learn new technology of nutrient. Therefore, since it has been maintained at home and abroad since the beginning of the creation of the tradition of cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, has formed its own unique combination of technology ActXTractTM"。 。


                             Jin Chong organisms in the development of plant active ingredients to become products, not only stay in the extraction and separation of a component, but in-depth study of its mechanism of action, and then found its new use. For example research of grape seed extract company has gone deep into further prove its scavenging of tau protein and alter the nervous system amyloid variable function, will become of therapeutic drugs for emerging anti Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease)。


                             The company's R & D and innovation of active ingredients with a tireless pursuit, which can be obtained from the company each year a number of patents have been proved.


                             Over the years, the international business has been in the formulation of the development and application of the system resolve scheme plays a leading role, China's plant extracts production enterprises basically only to the industry to provide pure extracts of raw materials, few firms can in the developed its own extract based on developed a formula of the downstream products of corresponding solutions, and this is precisely is closely connected plant extracts and downstream buyers the key link。


                             A key will be hard hit biological obtained the rapid development of strategic direction: Jin Chong organisms once again with the famous American university cooperation, in the company to build a "NanoEncaps & reg;" technical platform, as the international terminal manufacturers solve function factor stability, solubility, mobility, bioavailability of the problem。