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                      West Long Chemical (API) water purification system

                      Time:2017-04-15 20:27:55

                       In August, our company in cooperation with the West Long Chemical Limited by Share Ltd, production of purified water system by Huitong source. Huitongyuan relying on high technology, innovation and development, create high-quality water treatment equipment for customers. Xilong Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in chemical reagents (including general chemical reagents, PCB with chemical reagents, ultra clear height of the pure chemical reagents), pharmaceutical raw materials and food additives R & D, production and sales, as well as chemical raw materials sales. After more than and 20 years of development, the company now has more than 1000 kinds of chemical reagents product research and development and production capacity, has developed into the largest and most comprehensive supporting capacity of chemical reagents integration suppliers.


                            Huitongyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production of pure water equipment, ultra pure water equipment, GMP purification equipment, water environmental protection high-tech enterprises, scope of business involves industrial water, industrial water, purified water, drinking pure water equipment manufacturing and engineering. The West Long Chemical cooperation has made innovations in many aspects, can provide better customer service。