Multi effect distilled water machine 316L capillary procurement project

                      Time:2017-04-16 10:30:44

                             One、Entry name:Water sealed water tank procurement project for ultra pure water system


                             Two、Tender units: Huitong company。


                             Three, the tender content: see the tender documents

                            Four, registration form:

                                   Please send the following materials to the designated email address, after the qualification approval, will be in the application by e-mail to send the tender documents。

                             1) in view of the tender authorization letter (signed by the legal person and seal after the entry into force of the scanner), the enterprise legal person to participate in the bidding, please submit the certificate of corporate personality;

                             2) with a business license, the two-dimensional code tax registration certificate, organization code certificate (or cards one);

                             3)Nearly three years of relevant performance table (to provide customer contact information);

                             4)Contacts, contact telephone, fax, e-mail address;

                             5)Registration documents generally should not exceed 15MB;


                            Five, registration deadline (tender documents issued time): June 27, 2016 15:00 PM。

                                  Contact: Miss Lei            Telephone:13751103032