Solution of pure water system for food industry

                      Time:2017-04-16 10:10:47

                            Food quality common discoloration, discoloration, color, odor, odor, turbidity, precipitation, crystallization, corruption and other issues are likely to be caused by water quality reasons. But all kinds of impurities in water differ in thousands of ways, the quality of the product is different, the deterioration of the product is not the same.

                            According to the requirements of the food industry at present, certain of the food industry pure water equipment solution, the solution water production can be used in all aspects of food processing, through the reverse osmosis system effectively remove impurities of salt water, water quality in addition to reach the standard of drinking water is also equipped with a design of deep sterilization, the operation interface using touch screen control system to achieve automation, intelligent operation, reduce the labor cost.

                            This pure water equipment meets the following standards:

                            1,Sanitary standard for drinking purified water (GB17324-2003) for bottle (barrel).

                            2、The reverse osmosis system design according to the design guidelines > RO < haideneng。

                            3、ZBG98020-90 "water treatment equipment series type spectrum"。

                            4、JB4730-94 "steel pressure vessel nondestructive testing"。

                            Common water treatment processes:

                            Pretreatment + first level RO+ UV + ozone。

                            Pretreatment + two RO+ UV + ozone。

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