Solution of ultra pure water system for TOC touch screen industry

                      Time:2017-04-16 10:17:34

                            With the release of apple iPhone, touch screen industry once again let the world attention. According to the flat panel display industry touch screen module technology rapidly upgrading and upgrading trend, especially under the background of more and more widely in the capacitive screen technology and application fields of, touch screen mobile phone also unprecedented hot, in touch screen cleaning on the water quality requirement is very high, the EDI ultra pure water equipment also because this can be by the use of a large number of in touch screen industry. Touch screen cleaning with ultra pure water water quality is completely in line with the United States ASTM water quality standards, China's Ministry of electronic industry electronic water quality standards (18M.Cm), China's Electronic Industry Ministry of high pure water quality standards, the United States in the semiconductor industry water indicators, the Japanese integrated circuit water standards, domestic and international large-scale integrated circuit water quality standards. Touch screen industry to use EDI ultra pure water equipment,.:

                            Touch screen production process of 80% of the process need to use high pure water cleaning products, water quality and touch screen product quality and production rate of a great relationship. Water of the alkali metals (k, Na) makes the poor insulator film pressure and heavy metals (AU, Ag, Cu, etc.) will reduce the PN junction voltage, the group III elements (B, Al, GA) will worsen the n-type semiconductor characteristic and group V elements (P, as, sb) will enable P type touch screen performance deterioration, water bacteria high temperature carbonization of phosphorus (about ash of 20-50%) will make the touch screen of local changes into n-type silicon and lead to deterioration of the performance of the device, the particles in the water (including bacteria such as adsorption on the touch screen surface, it will cause the product characteristics variation。

                            Ultra pure water in the electronic industry is mainly touch screen and the important role of circuit boards, electronic components production have become increasingly prominent, ultra pure water has become the influence of touch screen, circuit board, electronic components products quality and rate of finished products and the production cost is one of the important factors, water requirements are also getting higher and higher. In touch screen electronic components production and ultra pure water is mainly used for cleaning water and used to prepare the solution and slurry and different touch screen electronic components production in water use and requirements on water quality is different。

                            Huitongyuan ultra pure water system in touch screen industry application is very extensive, mainly with two-stage RO and EDI, with appropriate terminal processing system (polishing, TOC, UV, UF) and reach the particle, organic carbon, resistivity, silica to meet the technological requirements。