Solution of purified water system in biological pharmaceutical industry

                      Time:2017-04-16 10:25:38

                            Design performance characteristics of purified water for biological pharmacy:


                            (1)The main parts are imported products, reliable performance. The system has no wearing parts, without a lot of maintenance, running stably and effectively for a long time。

                            (2)Pre process protection system, the protection of high pressure pump and RO film is not damaged by particles or other hard objects; at the same time low voltage switch to protect the high-pressure pump, the pressure is not too low and damaged. If the water supply is interrupted or under pressure, the system will automatically shut down。

                            (3)Advanced membrane protection system, when the device is turned on, the device automatically send rinse the membrane physical action, with high water pressure generated by the high-pressure pump to clean the membrane surface pollutants and reduce the pollution rate, prolong the service life of the membrane。

                            (4)Polyamide composite (TFC) membrane desalination rate is high, to ensure the efficiency of the operation of the system。

                            (5)Each of the product water and concentrated water is provided with a flow meter to monitor and regulate the running water and water use efficiency.。

                            (6)Continuous on-line monitoring of water quality of raw water, RO water production and water production conductivity meter. The water inlet and drainage pressure gauge, continuous monitoring of RO membrane pressure, suggesting that the washing time and the design of membrane chemical cleaning device。

                            (7)The whole system PLC, touch screen control, and with sound and light alarm system。

                            (8)Quartz sand, activated carbon, one or two reverse osmosis, the use of more than 80 degrees Celsius hot water for regular disinfection.

                            (9)The first stage reverse osmosis RO membrane was cleaned and sterilized by chemical reagent。

                            (10)The whole set of equipment using PLC, touch screen full automatic intelligent control, water quality throughout the online monitoring, equipment running without manual monitoring. Equipment operating and design based on simple and easy to control principles, only in the operation of the cabinet panel operation, the operator can be safe, easy and simple operation。


                            On line control;。


                             Temperature online ---- temperature sensor (alarm, signal output)。

                             Pressure on line ----clean diaphragm pressure gauge。

                             Conductivity Online ----clean conductivity meter (alarm, signal output)。

                             PH online ---- clean PH online detector (alarm, signal output)。

                             Flow on line --- clean flow sensor (alarm, signal output)。


                            Risk Management:


                             Quartz sand, activated carbon ----regular sterilization (record, verification)。

                             Reverse osmosis---regular cleaning, regular Pap test (record, verification)。

                             Two stage reverse osmosis ----regular cleaning, regular sterilization (record, verification)。

                             wo reverse osmosis water production --- online water quality testing (conductivity, PH), critical alarm, non-compliance alarm (line switch, not up to the water back to the original water tank)

                             Tank - regular pasteurization (record and verification)

                            Transport unit - the health class booster pump, substandard water (electrical conductivity, PH) critical alarm, non-compliance alarm (line switch, not up to the water back to the original water tank)

                            Backwater part -- double tubesheet heat exchanger regular Pap sterilization (record and verification), flow rate and temperature online detection, conductivity, pH is not up to the standard alarm (pipeline switch, substandard water back to the original water tank)


                            System has a very high automatic control function, once the choice to enter the automatic operation state, the system is in a state of automatic protection. The system automatically realizes the following functions:


                            When the tap water shortage or lack of pressure, the system will not be able to start or automatically stop running, and there is water shortage alarm indication; when the water pressure is normal, the system can automatically open the water, while eliminating the alarm signal。

                            In the second half of the certification peak may appear, the requirements of the General Administration on the one hand, in accordance with the order of the enterprise application is carried out in order to carry out the inspection, that is, the first application to check. On the other hand, the need for scientific allocation of resources, the market is in urgent need of varieties, can be properly arranged priority check. Do not have the conditions of the enterprise, to encourage the initiative to give up certification, properly deal with the aftermath, the formation of a mechanism to be able to enter, the survival of the fittest。

                            When the reverse osmosis unit due to mechanical failure or human operational errors caused by the water pressure is lower than the set value, booster pump, high pressure pump will automatically stop, prevent idling pump anhydrous damage while avoiding for booster pump continues to run caused by high pressure damage filter and pipe pieces of risk。

                            In the boot when the mechanical failure or human error caused by the low pressure sensor in the set time induction less pressure, the booster pump will be automatically shut down, so as to effectively protect the whole set of equipment。

                            When pure water in the water tank is full, system will automatically stop the water; when the pure water tank water level dropped to the level, the system will automatically sequentially starting booster pump, dosing pump, high pressure pump of water, re of pure water supplement water, until the water tank is filled with water so far。

                            When the pure water tank liquid level is lower than the low, the system will automatically interrupt water supply, to prevent the pure water pump anhydrous idling and damage, when the pure water tank liquid level rises to the median, water pump will automatically start, restore water supply。

                            The core part of the system, reverse osmosis module with multiple protection function and automatic flushing procedure, make the whole system without manual operation can be realized daily maintenance, ensure the high quality water conveying system. In the operation of the system, if the high pressure sensor induction to high pressure (the pressure value will be adjusted according to the normal working pressure of the film), the system alarm prompt, and stop。

                            In order to carry out physical flushing of the RO membrane, the system boot automatically, the high water pressure generated by the high water pressure of the high-pressure pump is carried out to the RO film, the film surface contaminant is washed clean, and the pollution rate is reduced, and the service life is prolonged.

                            Online pressure meter, flow meter and water inlet, water conductivity meter and other imported instruments and meters of online monitoring, so that customers of the entire system of water, running status at a glance。

                            Blackout: this power cut is abnormal, the power of PLC, touch screen automatically recorded data, not lost; electronic control system configuration UPS power supply。

                            Incoming call: the equipment should be in a state of operation, the operator to check whether the normal parameters of the state before continuing to run.

                            In order to facilitate the system debugging and maintenance of equipment, the need for manual operation and emergency shutdown function. There should be an emergency stop button on the control cabinet, which can make the operator touch the normal operating position. When the key is pressed, the device should be able to shut down immediately, when the key is reset, the device should be in standby mode.。

                            In order to reduce the risk of biological pollution, the use of the end without water or continuous water level change, the system automatic low-frequency operation。