電 加 熱 型 蒸 餾 水 機

                      Electric heating type distilled water machine







                            Product features

                            (1)The whole equipment is made of 316L stainless steel, the working surface after pickling and passivation treatment.。

                            (2)The pipeline system uses a mirror polished 0.6 316L mRa stainless steel pipe, automatic track welding, clean flange and pharmaceutical grade gasket connection

                            (3)The insulation rock wool, coated 304 stainless steel polishing treatment protective layer, the frame body is made of stainless steel。

                            (4)Adopt integrated electric heating design, no need of industrial boiler, water producing 100L/h~500L/h。Full automatic touch screen control, the electric kettle and the whole machine. Distilled water can be produced at any time. The double tube plate evaporator, a unique patent heat recovery technology, power unit yield is five times as large as that of the ordinary electric heating distilled water machine and unit electricity consumption is the same type of, energy-saving effect is very significant. Is the most advanced technology products in the industry。

                             (5)According to the latest international pharmacopoeia and FDA, cGMP standards for design and manufacture。


                          S 型 蒸 餾 水 機S type distilled water machine

















                            Technical characteristics

                                 (1)All the parts that are in contact with raw water are 316L low carbon stainless steel。

                                 (2)Structure design:

                                     ◆Vertical circulation evaporator。

                                     ◆Health structure and connection without dead angle。

                                     ◆Pipeline slope is conducive to the minimum discharge。

                                     ◆System with raw water pump, so that the operation is stable, compact structure, saving cost。

                                     ◆Detachable structure, heat exchanger tubes can replace the whole, also can be replaced individually。

                                 (3)Instrument automatic detection of product quality, automatic discharge。

                                 (4)According to the standard procedures for pickling and passivation treatment, according to the requirements of the electrolytic polishing。

                                 (5)External heater, condenser and a I-Effect evaporator for double tube sheet design, effectively eliminate system at different levels of the media once the leak caused by cross contamination。

                                 (6)Thermal surface of the insulation layer and the 304 material of the package, to protect the working environment。

                                 (7)No moving parts on the equipment, running state quiet, safe and reliable。

                                 (8)In the whole test workshop, according to the determination procedure, the actual working environment is simulated and tested。

                                 (9)Provide a draft of the project cycle documentation certification and validation document from the design phase to the site SAT。

                                (10)According to the latest international pharmacopoeia and FDA, cGMP standards for design and manufacture。